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    Fraternity Recruitment Thoughts from Zach Spillner, Director of Expansion of Sigma Pi Fraternity, International

In the never-ending battle between east coast and west coast, Sigma Pi has added its own storyline. Over the course of the next few weeks, Sigma Pi will officially colonize on two campuses on opposite ends of the country.

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Recruitment Chair: Who has someone they would like to extend a bid to?

Member 1: How about John Smith?

RC: Who has met him?

Member 2: Yea I know him from the event we held last week. Seems like a solid guy.

Member 3: Yea I think he is good guy.

Member 4: Yea he was a real easy guy to talk to.

President: He did pass his grade check

Member 1: Motion to give John a Bid

Member 2: Second!

President: OK lets vote…all in favor say I….. 

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(written by Michael Davis, Expansion Consultant for Sigma Pi Fraternity)

Many of us don’t see it...

It’s similar to biting your nails or grinding your teeth. People can tell you to stop, they can tell you the negative effects of what your doing and put into action a makeshift plan that will gradually get you to stop, but their words end up going in one ear and out the other. Apathy towards you ensues and, eventually, your bad habit has become the norm for everybody else.

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As we are wrapping up the end of the academic year, it’s time to do some reflecting on the progress that Sigma Pi has made in the last year and what exciting things are coming in the near future. Focused within the expansion department, there have been many exciting things that have happened this year.

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